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Mr. Praveen Kumar Verma has a solid yoga practice spanning over 27 years. His teaching experience is more than a decade he has taught both on National and International grounds and presently working with NShape Fitness, Hanoi, Vietnam since 2010 as a Yoga Manager.

 Mr. Praveen has received many accolades and accreditation from some of the most prestigious organizations within the yoga fraternity.

He is certified RYT 500, ERYT 200, RYS 200, YACEP (Yoga Alliance USA), NDDY, P.G Diploma in Yoga & Asian Yoga Federation Referee. He has been organized his Yoga Workshop in USA(Texas International Yoga Conference, Houston, Texas), Mexico, Singapore, India and so many in Vietnam. He has won more than 35 Medals including at International, National, All India University ground.

 He firmly believes that the day you cease to be a student you also cease to be a teacher, and therefore he makes sure he continues to learn, explore and share his experiences with as many yoga enthusiasts as possible.

He specializes in therapy practices and has helped numerous students to triumph over their chronic health conditions. He pays special attentions to right alignment and corrects breathing which makes his classes intense, meditative, calming and empowering all at the same time.

He brings a certain kind of confidence, compassion and creative fluidity into his practice which effortlessly rubs on to each and every student. So come and experience this cosmic energy exchange, as he lovingly offers himself to be a catalyst, opening you to the wonderful world of yogic science.

According to Mr. Praveen “Yoga is not just about postures and making the body sweat out, it is also about learning to know yours self. The deeper we move within a posture, the more we can learn to concentrate and meditate within ourselves.”

“Yoga is not only a physical exercise but the way of life coordinated with natural laws which enhances the mind and body coordination of the body”.


OM Shanti

Praveen Kumar Verma