Yoga is a path to enlightenment. The literal meaning of the word Yoga in Sanskrit is integration .The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj( yujate anenah yogah) means to join. The English word yoke is cognate with the Sanskrit word yoga. As per the Bhagwat Gita (the great Hindu holy scripture)‘ “yogah karmashu kausalam” means to dexterity in action. Yoga is process of discipline which helps to bring the essence meaning of human that is ultimate aim of human being. In this sense Yoga represents a process through which one can learn how to live in the most integrated way. It involves therefore the process of identification and then elimination of all that would contribute in disintegration. In this integrated way of living, the process of identification of all the elements causing ill health and the use of appropriate techniques to neutralize their ill effects became one of the primary concerns of Yoga. “Thus Yoga which essentially is a Science of personal growth for spiritual experiences has simultaneously become a Science of Health and Healing”.

Yoga is a Science of Health and Healing, all its techniques and methods which are basically meant for the spiritual experiences, automatically get geared to do their job for the promotion of the Health and for bringing the Healing touch to the body and mind suffering from ill-health. For these purpose there are three aspects of yoga is most valuable.

1. Practical aspect which contains – Asanas, Pranayama and Dhyana.

Asanas involve the increased awareness of various physical and physiological processes influenced by controlled stretching contraction and relaxation of various muscles, their co-ordination in balancing and during maintenance of Posture etc.

Pranayama that involve the manipulation of breathing mechanism along with the increased awareness of the pressure changes inside the various nadis( channel)/ cavity of chest and abdomen.

Dhyana or the Meditation practices increase the awareness of one’s mental processes including the thoughts, emotions, memory and so on.

Diet & Habits:

The regulation of Diet as well as regulation of daily habits involving the pattern of sleeps recreational activities and working habits which eliminate the imbalance in the functioning of body-mind

Life style:

Life-style, attitude and behavior which would help in inducing the feeling of sharing, feeling of warmth in friendship and concern, love and respect for the whole beautiful world, nature and its creature.