Yoga is said to be as old as Indus valley civilization, there is no physical evidence to support this claim. The ancient archeological excavations of ancient civilization shows that Yoga’s existence could be found in around 3000 B.C on stone seals which depict figures of Yoga various yogic postures…

For better understand of yoga ,that is divided into four periods, such as- Vedic Period, Pre-Classical Period, Classical Period, and Post-Classical Period.

Vedic Period:

The Vedas is the sacred scripture of Brahmanism on that Hinduism was laid. The Vedas hold the ancient yogic teachings and hence is known as Vedic yoga .This is characterized by rituals and ceremonies that strive to surpass the limitations of the mind. The Veda mentions yoga’s practice as yoga was essential with Vedic ritual on dates back to 900 BC

Pre classical period:

The Upanishad period is also knows as pre-classical yoga period. The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad clearly mentioned yoga as a meditation in 900 BC to 400 BC. The Mahabharata and the Bhagavad-Gita (oldest Hindu scripture) shows the yoga history in 500 BC and 200 BC .

Classical period:

The Patanjali “ Yoga Sutra’s” period is also known as the Classical period of yoga. Patanjali, undoubtedly the greatest expounder of Yoga, lived sometime between 500 and 200 B.C. The life of Patanjali is an enigma to modern historians, and almost nothing is known about this great Master who epitomizes Yoga. It is only with the help of legends that one can draw inferences about him. . As per one legend, he fell (pata) into the hands (anjali) of a woman ( Mother), thus giving him the name Patanjali… The main attempt of Patanjali was to define and normalize classical yoga form and is known as Patanjali eight fold path of yoga (Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga).

Post classical yoga:

Numerous sovereign yoga schools were developed during this period after the Yoga sutra period, hence the name Post classical yoga. The human body became filed of study along with the meditation which was missing is the previous years. A new system with numerous yoga exercises was developed. And thus Hatha yoga, Raj yoga and other branches emerged.