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A single day contains 24 hours, only one or two yoga practice never bring success of yoga therefore resting of 23 or 22 hours should be used as yogic life style.Through great sage Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga( eight limbs of yoga) which are Yama, Niyama. Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana,Dhyana and Samadhi. Among of them Yama and Niyama is most important before adopt the father step of yoga.

Yama( Social Conduct):In yogic life style YAMA packed up with certain principles and values, some of which refer to the 5 rules of social conduct, they are:

AHIMSA = Non-violence
SATYA = Truthfulness
ASTEYA = Non-stealing
BRAHMACHARYA = Faithfulness
APARIGRAHA = Non-greed
Niyama(Self Conduct):In yogic life style Niyama is a process to treat you towards yourself, NIYAMA packer up with 5 rules, they are:
SVADHYAYA= Self study

Asanas (Body posture): The Asana is steady blissful state in which one can realize the soul and get relaxation. Asana should be done with comfort, ease, alertness and steadiness, achieving a balance between ease and effort through which rejuvenates, and energizes the body and aims to bring the body and the mind into a harmonious union.

Pranayama (Manipulation of Breathing): Pranayama is the regulating of breath. Through pranayamana one can bring mental tranquility.

Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the Senses): This happens during yoga actives, during any type of activity one should not aware about outside situations. Your focus becomes inward and you are no longer distracted by outside events.

Dharana (Concentration): Dharana is training the mind to focus on particular object without any distraction.

Dhyana( Meditation): Meditation is the practice by which there is constant observation of the mind and focusing the mind on one point. It is an uninterrupted flow of concentration aimed to heighten one’s awareness and oneness with the universe. It is an uninterrupted flow of concentration aimed to heighten one’s awareness and oneness with the universe.

Samadhi (Enlightenment): This is the ultimate goal of the human being. It is characterized by the state of ecstasy and the feeling that you and the universe are one. It is a state of peace and completion, awareness and compassion with detachment.


Constipation or irregularity of defecation is vital causes of all type diseases. Therefore every creature should give focus on suitable food, exercise and life style. The treatment of constipation must focus on doing all essential Yoga activities every day under guidance. Holistic management can correct irregular evacuation of bowels and treat constipation successfully.


February 13th, 2013

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