1. How long you have been teaching yoga? How long did it take to be a Yoga Master?

Answer:- I am teaching yoga for the past 9 years and I am doing yoga for more than 20 years. And about mastering on yoga it depends on your love and passion about yoga. For a Yoga Master it is essential to have a long personal practice of yoga. A desire to teach, compassion for others and gentle communication skills. And Mastering Yoga is a Life Long journey which can never be finish.

2. What are the examinations and test you must pass to reach the level to teach others? How is the value of these certificates?

Answer:- Now a days in this world there are so many Famous Yoga Institute who is providing Yoga Teacher Training Course. And there are some certain levels which we have to clear for teaching to others. About the value of these certificates to get a good job in reputed place.

3. Can you say something about your Guru? How is his reputation?

Answer:- Yes there is so many thing to say about my Guru. My real Guru name is Master.Ishwar.Singh.Arya. He is the first person who introduced me about Yoga in my life. I don’t know his reputation in this world but for me he is so respectful. He is from very small village (Baddo Patti,Hisar,Haryana) from India and he trained lot of Yogis without taking any single money and without any mean of selfishness. My Guru has only one aim that he wants to spread and make everybody aware about the amazing benefits with the practice of Yoga.
And it’s my wish that if anytime I got a chance than definitely I will introduce my Guru to all over the world.

4. What was the most memorable experience in your life as a Yogi?

Answer:- My Most memorable experience in my Yogi life is when I got a chance to represent my country (India) at International level in “Rio De Janerio, Brazil in 2002” and I won a SILVER medal in this championship.

5. Did you get the passion from your Guru which motivate and inspire you in the years of practicing Yoga? Are you doing the same to ones you are teaching?

Answer:- Yes definitely I got a passion from my Guru who always motivate me and inspired me in the years of my practicing yoga and still he always inspire me with more knowledge in Yoga. Yes, now I am doing the same thing when I am teaching any of my Yoga Class and I always motivate and inspired my students in my Yoga classes.
And it’s good to know more about me and my passion about yoga that you attend any of my yoga class which is suitable for you.

6. According to you, what is real Yoga? Is it the ability to overcome the pains, suffer from the most horrible exercise and do incredible things like flying in the air, holding breath hours under water or something more “Holy”? Or yoga is simply a method to train the body and mind, keep them health and balanced?

Answer:- According to me Real Yoga is complete way of life which provide you healthy body and peace of mind.

7. Can we name Yoga as a treatment method? Why?

Answer:- Yes we can name Yoga as a treatment method, because with the right practice of yoga under well educated and well experienced trainer we can cure so many kind of physical disorders and diseases.
Like yoga is effective for controlling diabetes, reducing anxiety and depression, curing insomnia, and even recovering diseases like Cancer and Aids.
Yoga also help for Arthritis, Headaches, Migraine, Backaches, Menstrual disorders, Sexual dysfunction, Acidity, Piles, Eyes disorders, Asthma and other breath related disorders, liver, Kidney and other glandular organ etc.

8. What and how people can benefit from Yoga?

Answer:- when the people more aware about Yoga and its various aspect and they start doing Yoga under good and experience Trainer with their full of dedication and feelings than I am definitely sure that they will get the real benefit from yoga. HEALTHY AND FIT BODY AND PEACE OF MIND.
Healthy body means we don’t have any physical disorder, disability and diseases and Peace of mind means no stress and tension only Peace and Peace and only Happiness.

9. In Vietnam, some people consider Yoga a kind of ‘fashion’, ‘elegant’ ‘educated’… but Yoga seems to be something more popular?

Answer:- yes somewhere is right. But it’s also true that yoga is more popular than that, it’s not only because of fashion. It’s also because now a day’s people are more conscious about their health and they are more aware about the real benefits from Yoga.

10. What do you think about other Yoga Centre in Vietnam?

Answer:- I don’t want to say too much about other Yoga Centre in Vietnam. People can go anywhere for doing their yoga practice But they have to decide first about the good, experienced and well educated Yoga Trainer, who can inspire them with his good teaching skills.

11. In Vietnam, some people just can practice Yoga for a few months to go from a Trainee to Trainer who can teach others. Is that possible?

Answer:- I don’t think so, that with the practice of few months of yoga anybody can become a trainer because doing yoga and teaching yoga both are very different. Yes I also know this kind of few trainers who always attend my classes and they are teaching yoga outside.
But I don’t want to blame on any of Vietnamese Yoga Trainer, but it’s my advice and request to these kind of trainer that they should clear and take good knowledge and practice about the real rules about yoga before start any yoga teaching.

12. Is there any counter-benefit for those who practice Yoga in a wrong way? What are the negative effects to health it could bring? Is there any kind of people who shouldn’t practice yoga?

Answer:- yes it’s right if we practice yoga in a wrong way and without professional supervision than we can get wrong benefit.
Like Muscle pulls, neck aches, knee pain, slip disc or some other back pain, wrist pain etc.
Anybody can practice yoga, but there is some precaution during yoga if somebody is suffer by any kind pain (back, neck, shoulder, knee etc.), any other problem like related to heart, Blood pressure, asthma etc.
It’s good if before start doing yoga trainee can discuss with Trainer about his/her problem. Because there is some certain postures which we have to avoid in different kind of issue.