Yoga for a good sex life is a topic of great concern for almost all of people around the world and encounters so many relationships in which couples have feelings of romance, love and compassion for each other but are separated or frustrated by a bad sex life or incapability of sexual performance.

According to Yoga philosophy, sex is a very natural function, extremely necessary in an affectionate relationship and also vital for the persistence of the human race on the earth. A branch of yoga called Kundalini Yoga is specifically concentrated about sex and asana for harnessing the sexual power. Yoga through its various asanas and breathing techniques help one redefine one’s sexual life. It is also very necessary in relieving stress and relaxing one’s body, preparing one for a healthy sexual life and relationship.

How Is Yoga Beneficial In Your Sex Life?

Yoga is very beneficial in improving your sex life. Here are few reasons…

Improved sensitivity
Yoga helps in improving one’s sensitivity. Its breathing exercises help a person overcome his anxiety and participate in sex with a fresh vigor. When a person is relieved from tension and stress, he/she will actively participate in sexual activity. Other than this yoga helps in improving better understanding of self and surrounding leaving a person more understanding and emphatic about other’s need.

Better orgasms

Yoga helps in achieving better orgasms. Most importantly, it helps in a strengthening one’s pelvic floor muscles and sex organs. Several Yoga asana are also helpful in harnessing better sexual powers. As Yoga also helps in relieving stress, it also enables to liberate muscle strain, which in turn helps in gaining flexibility.

Enhanced energy level

Yoga is very helpful in accumulating energy. Several yoga asana are extremely beneficial for energy harnessing as well as gaining more endurance and fortitude. Body with endurance can retain long in sexual activity without getting tired. Thus yoga provides one with more energy to deal with sexual activities.

Improved Fitness Level
Yoga makes one feel more active and fit. It also makes one aware of his potential capacity. Apart from giving vigor and endurance, it helps in improving posture coordination and balance. The muscles are also greatly toned during yoga and respond more positively during intercourse leaving a better experience with sex.

Knowing And Experimenting More Positions
Yoga helps in knowing about several sex positions. However many of them can’t be performed with a stiff and flabby body. Later toned muscles and flexible body achieved through yoga help you experiment with these positions also.

Suryanamaskar For Sexual Vitality

Sexual performance needs energy and so at first we will start our program with Suryanamaskar, an amazing series of 12 movements that stretch the whole body and rebalance low energy states. Energy is the source of all life. Without the life force the human body would be limp and practically in a vegetable state. This life force can be increased by the practice of Surya Namaskar as it not only increases stamina but also opens up the various plexus in the body freeing it from knots and increasing the energy flow throughout the system. It will build up your physical strength and improve your heart and lung capacity and you will feel revitalized and much more energetic. Start with 5 rounds and build up to 12.

Caution: Should not be practiced by those with acute high blood pressure, heart diseases, hernia. Those with acute back conditions should be cautious and discontinue if the condition is aggravated.

Step 1
1] Stand straight, feet together, palms joined in front of your chest.
2] Breathe normally


Step 2
1] Inhale, keep palms together and bend back, stretching your arms over your head.


Step 3
1] Exhale and bend forward from hip.
2] Place your palms on the floor and your head on your knees.
3] Keep your knees straight.


Step 4
1] Inhale, take left leg back, bend other knee as shown.
2] Arch your back and look up.


Step 5
1] Exhale, take right leg back.
2] Keep body in straight line from head to toe, toes tucked in, fingers pointing forward. Body weight is balanced on your toes and palms


Step 6
1] Hold your breath, drop your knees, then your chest and chin to floor. Keep your hips raised as shown.


Step 7
1] Inhale and stretch the body upwards.
2] Straighten the elbows, arch your back and look up.


Step 8
1] Exhale, push back on your arms and raise your hips up.
2] Tuck chin towards the chest and look at navel.
3] Keep heels flat on floor.


Step 9
1] Inhale and bring right leg forward, arch your back and look up.
2] In subsequent rounds, alternate between left and right leg as in step four and nine.


Step 10
1] Bring the left leg forward, stand upright, exhale ad bend forward, place palms on the floor as in step 3.


Step 11
1] Inhale, keep palms together and bend back, stretching your arms over your head as in step 2.


Step 12
1] Exhale and come back to position 1.


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