Diabetes is one of the common and leading causes of death now a day. Diabetes means that the body does not produce or use insulin properly. Diabetes means that the body does not produce or use insulin properly. Insulin is the hormone responsible in converting sugar, starches and other food into energy. Diabetes is a chronic disorder of carbohydrate metabolism and increase the blood sugar level persistently is the main factor in diabetes mellitus. And it is due to deficiency of insulin, which is secreted by pancreas.

Causes of Diabetes
It is mainly due to-
1] Wrong food habits.
2] Lack of exercise
3] Prolonged Stress
4] Hereditary
5] Genetic
6] Bad habits like smoking, alcohol etc.

Pathology of Diabetes
1] Pancreatic tissue Damage
2] Insulin Deficiency.
3] Reduced glucose uptake by cells
4] Sugar remains in blood in high concentration.
5] Sugar level persist for a long time.
6] Damage to various organs and systems.
7] Multisystem Dysfunction.

Types of Diabetes Mellitus
1] Insulin dependent-Severe deficiency of insulin due to gross ,irreversible damage of pancreatic tissue.
Injection of insulin is necessary.
2] Non insulin Dependent-Pancreatic tissue can produce insulin. No need to give insulin.
Other type-
When it occurs in childhood ,it is called as Juvenile Diabetes. Its cause is Genetic.

Symptoms of Diabetes
1] Polyuria (is a condition usually defined as excessive or abnormally large production or passage of urine)
2] Polydipsia (is a non-medical symptom in which the patient displays excessive thirst)
3] Polyphagia or hyperphagia refers to excessive hunger or increased appetite)
4] Fatigue
5] Sweating
6] Palpitation (mean that the heart is not behaving normally.)
7] Weakness
8] weight loss.

In advanced stage-
1] Nausea
2] vomiting
3] Headache
4] Dizziness
5] tremors
6] blindness.
7] If untreated then it turns into Coma.

How yoga Help?
Everyone benefits from yoga – if they undergo proper training and continue with the practice. Regular practice of yoga benefits the body in the following ways:
1] It improves digestion, circulation, and immunity
2] Yoga enhances function of neurological and endocrine organs
3] It can prevents and provides relief from chronic illnesses
4] Overall the body feels healthier, more energetic

Exercise for Diabetes
1] Do all joint movements.
2] Mild to moderate Warming up or jogging.
3] Weight exercise-as possible.
4] Walking.
5] Asanas.

How exercise Works
1] Exercising muscles increase their uptake of glucose 10 to 20 times,as compared with resting state.
2] It enhances the action of drugs and increases insulin sensitivity.
3] It improves cardiac function and lowers excess lipids, thus avoids arteriosclerosis.
4] It increases vitality of tissues.

How Asanas works
1] It’s avoids complications in large, small vessels and also in capillaries.
2] Increases glucose uptake in muscles.
3] Very useful in weak person.
4] Gives freshness to nervous system and avoids its complications.
5] Protects the vital organs.
6] Maintains elasticity and sense of skin, thus avoids risk of foot ulcer.
7] All Asanas are useful to prevent circulatory complications.

Asanas for diabetes.
1] Standing- Tadasana, Parvatasana, Vrukshasana
2] Back Bend-Bhujangasana ,Dhanurasana
3] Forward bend-Padhastasana,Yogmudra
4] Lying down-Supthbhadrasana, Supthvajrasana.
5] Other-Twisting.
6) Gomukhasana, Shalabhasana, Pavanamuktasana.

Sitting Asanas
1] Vajrasana
2] Virasana
3] Padmasana
4] Sidhasana
5] Bhadrasana
6] Utkatasana
All they provides sufficient oxygen by increasing blood circulation to legs.
Thus the skin of foot nourishes and maintains its vitality.
Thus the risk of foot ulcer decreases.

Role of Pranayama (Breathing Exercise)
1] It removes stress induced disturbances and thus avoids risk of arteriosclerosis.
2] It improves oxygen perfusion and avoids tissue hypoxia.
3] It stabilizes sympathetic and parasympathetic system and thus avoids risk of autonomic dysfunction.
Anulom-Vlom,Ujjai,Bhramari –Do each for 12 times twice a day.

Omkar for Healthy Pancreas (Sound Breathing)
The slow ,rhythmic chanting of omkar reduces stress reaction very quickly.
Regular chanting decreases tendency of stress.
Especially,during chanting,specific vibrations forms in abdomen which gives soothing effect to intra-abdominal organs,thus maintain their freshness.

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June 24th, 2013

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