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Ms. Jane. Nga. Tran

study in London,UK

“Well, to be honest it is very difficult for me to write about my yoga experience in few sentences! I still remember my very first yoga class with Master Praveen 3 years ago, curious, excited yet nervous. I would say it was so lucky for me being a student of Master Praveen. He inspires me by his Passion, Dedication and above all, Love that I believe everyone can feel it in his class. Even though I have been studied abroad for 2 years, I still remind myself everyday his saying “Keep the smiling face” that means a lot for me. Yoga has changed my life totally, not only physical but also mental and spiritual that have helped me to find my inner strength and peace. What else would you ask more for? Through yoga, I can see the light of nature, the beauty of human being much clearer that sometimes are hidden by daily materials because yoga is not only things you have done on the mat! Now yoga is my life, my breath. All I want to say is “Unroll your mat, you can see the world”.

Ms. Jane. Nga. Tran

March 12th, 2013

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