Yoga Therapy
As per modern Terminology Therapy means Treatment and when the Treatment is given by Yoga so it’s called Yoga Therapy. This is not an ordinary therapy but it is intensive awakening and balancing of life. Yoga therapy is not treatment by touching, stretching or pressing or pulling the physical body. That can be termed as physiotherapy.

We add the word therapy due to modern terminology, otherwise in a sense, once we understand yoga in depth it includes yoga therapy. When we are treating person in a holistic way, it becomes yoga therapy.

Modern medical sciences are very good for external diseases which are visible. Invisible diseases like: stress, tension, anxiety, fear, loneliness, depression, inner weakness, insomnia, pains, etc. can be cured through various yogic techniques. These yogic techniques are very powerful and are capable of removing these invisible ailments from our life. We experience a true health through yoga therapy.

“Yoga informs you about what imbalances or internal problems are present. Your must correct the lifestyle and go to the root cause of your diseases for your health to improve”.

“Patanjali says – “STHIR SUKHAM ASANAM”.

Act according to your abilities … do not overuse or over strain and correct your habits.

Outlines to be known before start of Yoga Therapy:

First Diagnosis find the cause and then

Start Treatment along with correcting the habits.

For Every Case Case There are 7 Points of Focus:

  1. Right lifestyle – sleep, work, play, etc.
  2. Right cleaning – pranayam, jalaneti, etc…, positive thought
  3. Right posture – correct asana
  4. Right breathing – increase oxygenation, balance the breath, body & mind
  5. Right mindset- positive
  6. Right diet – nutritious foods
  7. Right relaxation – no stress

Thank you very much

Om Shanti

April 9th, 2017

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