1. Yoga is a hard sport. It sounds complicated which it not suitable for young and active people?



Yoga is not a sport. Sport is, as per dictionary, recreation, pastime, enjoyment etc. Yoga is the conscious mastery over physical, mental, social and spiritual phenomena that results into the enfoldment of all our inherent potentialities giving us the eternal peace and harmony within. It is not complicated at all. When correctly done, it gives us an instant joy within, because both its processes, as well as, its effects are considered Yoga.

When correctly done, it relieves physical and mental tiredness and gives a deeper contentment and meaningfulness, even during its process. Sport makes our mind thrilled, relieving us from our current existential problems but it does not make us more focused and effective after its performance.

In fact, it is more useful to the young and active people because these people want to relax as quickly as possible. Yoga relaxes us more quickly. Yoga increases relaxation capacity too.

Young and active people can be benefit greatly by practicing yoga which are….

  1. Increase their muscle tone and develop muscle co-ordination;
  2. Develop both body and mind awareness;
  3. Balances the functions of the right and left hemispheres of the brain;
  4. Improves balance and concentration;
  5. Listening skills and the ability to follow instructions are improved;
  6. Develops greater awareness of how the body functions (particularly thelungs); and the difference between relaxation and activity within the body;
  7. Gives them a method for releasing pent up emotional and mental states of mind;
  8. Introduces the ability to focus the mind and improves concentration and study skills;
  9. Young people with special needs such as cerebral palsy, attention deficit syndrome and asthma can benefit from regular practice.

2. How could I have 1 hour a day at yoga centre while I have2 children and a busy work to handle? If I practice wrongly, It would bring reverse benefit. So I must go to yoga centre and join class, and could not do it home.



This all depends on your priority. If you want to have a good healthy life without stress and tension you have to give some time to yoga. So that with healthy body and healthy mind you can do your work with more effect fully and take care of your family in good way.

Yes it’s true if you practice wrongly than you have reverse benefit. So that’s why it’s good if in the beginning you start Yoga under educated Yoga Trainer. Because you must has to clear about some basic rule of doing yoga. Once you have some experience and once you are aware about Yoga rules and principal so you can do some simple and easy Yoga moves at home. But its my advice that if you want to learn more and want to get more experience and more knowledge about yoga you should practice under educated and professional Yoga Trainer. Who can teach you and guide you a various aspect about yoga.

3. Yoga is not good for sex life.



The people who are not aware about the real benefits of yoga they have this kind of misperception.

In fact, Yoga enhances sexual life because we have a natural control on too much of sexual activity, thus helping us conserve our energy and interest for sex. We become more focused in our sexual activity because we become free from many mental complexes, unnecessary worries, apprehension and feeling of insecurity. In fact your staying power increases because you can develop a natural control on ejaculation.

With the good practice of yoga you can

  • Build up your physical strength
  • Improve your heart and lung efficiency.
  • Sexual organs have muscles that can be trained.
  • Cover the art of handling premature ejaculation and other so many benefits.

4. Yoga is boring. It’s all about meditation. And I am not a monk. I need some sport that lively and fun. Yoga is not for me?



Yoga is all about feelings which can be feel by only yourself. And yoga is not only meditation. Meditation is only one part of yoga. And Yoga cannot be boring because when correctly pursued it gives you a constant joy and an inner happiness. Therefore, correct instructions are very vital. In fact, Yoga empowers us to enjoy the worldly joy more satisfactorily, because all our faculties become rejuvenated and healthy.

Yoga is for everybody even for kid, young and for old people. Everybody can do it and take the benefit from it in various ways.
5. It takes long time before I notice changes in my body. Yoga is only for penitent people? It’s not for fat ones like me (audience) who in urgent need of losing 10kilos?

Scientific research has found that the process of shedding weight in Yoga is though slow, yet it is enduring and permanent because, as you have regular practice your metabolic rate becomes slow requiring you only a very little food. When a person is happy within he would not need much of food items and quantity to gain a kick or happiness or satisfaction.

6. How many lines of Yoga?

Active persons should not practice Meditation in the beginning of their Yoga practice.

Actually Yoga is only one and Yoga is union of mind and body, a spiritual science of self realization. But, we find different forms of Yoga because there are different ways through which we can reach the ultimate goal of Self Realization. One can practice a particular form of Yoga as per his/her personality. Yoga is good for young and activity oriented people.

In Yoga, the body is treated with care and respect. Yoga Exercises improve circulation, stimulate the abdominal organs, and put pressure on the glandular system of the body, which can generally result to better health.

Important note………

Modern day puts a lot of stress on the human body. This causes a lot of life style problems like obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes etc. People usually go to doctors and take expensive drugs for treatment. But these methods are not only expensive but also harmful in the long run. Yoga offers the cheapest and harmless solution to this problem in the form of relaxation



July 5th, 2012

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