I would like to send you my sincere thanks and also would like to say that  you are a wonderful yoga master at my recommendation. I am impressed by your calm behaviour, dedicated attitude, perffect postures and knowlegable instruction. You make yoga practicing become an enjoyable journey to discover myself and challenge myself in a widen limit. Thanks Master Praveen for your amazing inspiration.
Hong Tham
Asial Commercial Bank.

Hong Tham

I have had a regular exercise program since I was in my early 20’s and have always been very fit for my age. Three years ago and approaching 70 years of age I started a PT yoga program with Praveen.

I have found that Praveen’s PT yoga has been very beneficial in making my body much more flexible as well as enhancing muscle strength, balance, breathing and mindfulness. I like Praveen’s teaching style as he is obviously very knowledgeable about yoga and can correctly select the postures according to his student’s capabilities.

Praveen has my highest recommendation.

Ted Walters


May 2016

Ted Walters

Hi Praveen!

Before joining NShape I was not a healthy person with several diseases such as Disk Herniation, Cervical Spondylosis, Heel Calcification. I was advised by my doctor to accept and live with these diseases and I already surrendered them.

I was extremely careful in doing everything to avoid misalignment otherwise I would be paralyzed as I was several times in the past when I didn’t know about these diseases and simply blaimed it to sprain or joint misalignment.

After a few group yoga classes, I wanted to quit because many postures caused me so much pain. I was fortunate to talk with the Nshape Manager and then decided to have one-on-one training with you.
I was scared in the first few sessions but the hope for healing theses diseases has helped me overcome my fear. It was such a miracle that, with your enthusiasm in correcting my postures, I’ve got my health back after only 6 months!

I was very grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. You have transformed me into a new person with a new life, and made me love life much more. Praveen, thank you very much! To me, you are an amazing Teacher.

Ms. Dung

Ms. Jane. Nga. Tran

study in London,UK

“Well, to be honest it is very difficult for me to write about my yoga experience in few sentences! I still remember my very first yoga class with Master Praveen 3 years ago, curious, excited yet nervous. I would say it was so lucky for me being a student of Master Praveen. He inspires me by his Passion, Dedication and above all, Love that I believe everyone can feel it in his class. Even though I have been studied abroad for 2 years, I still remind myself everyday his saying “Keep the smiling face” that means a lot for me. Yoga has changed my life totally, not only physical but also mental and spiritual that have helped me to find my inner strength and peace. What else would you ask more for? Through yoga, I can see the light of nature, the beauty of human being much clearer that sometimes are hidden by daily materials because yoga is not only things you have done on the mat! Now yoga is my life, my breath. All I want to say is “Unroll your mat, you can see the world”.

Ms. Jane. Nga. Tran

I am doing yoga with Master Praveen from the last three years So now I can say a  lot about Yoga. Yoga gives me new life. However Yoga gives me healthy body and physical and mental strength. Yoga also help me to solve my job in better way.

Thank you very much


Mr. Tuan Nguyen

My Yoga Journey

only more than one year ago, I could not say anything if somebody talked with me about Yoga. Now I can say it’s like a “true love” that can bring you enjoyable and unforgettable experiences.


Luu Thi Kim Lien